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Hey! it's me...

I am Alexander Wong. I am an artist, a photographer, and an interior designer. 


Born and raised in Vietnam. During my childhood, I spent a great amount of time studying at an art school that helped me develop painting and drawing skills. During teenage years, I had an opportunity to expose myself to a professional entertainment environment where I worked as a model and stylist.


In 2015, I moved to San Francisco and discovered my new potential with photography. Photography is like magic that enables me to freeze time to capture wonderful moments and allow me to express my unique perspectives of the World.


In 2019, I received a full scholarship to California College of the Arts to pursue my Interior Design major. Photography and art have an enormous influence on my vision and the way I design. My goal is to infuse design with art and beauty and to convey the soul of the project by celebrating the passions and emotions of the users.


My favorite quote: "Creativity is Intelligence having Fun" - Albert Einstein.

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