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Fairy tales and movies about magic have always been the subject of my creativity. Like Alice in Wonderland, she walks into a world full of magic, or the magnificent creatures in Harry Potter, everything in there inspires me profoundly for my design philosophy. And that has also become a part of my brand.

In this project, I will design a fashion event and runway for CCA senior fashion design students who all have very distinctive styles. I envision a groundbreaking and creative event that just spatially wow people, yet, still celebrating every designer's collection.


the inspirations


The design garments play an important part in my design as they give me inspirations for some of the design elements of the overall.

With groundbreaking and futuristic designs, REVOLUTION is the theme of my design this time. Inspired by a giant snake that is stripping its skin to become a whirlwind of colorful butterflies, I aim to bring to a fashion event where people not only come to watch the shows, but also be immersed in a space full of color, light, and magic.

Screen Shot 2021-04-21 at 5.08.30 PM.png




From this plan, we can see a scenario of a magical landscape. The entrance is a mysterious reflective black box with abstract shaped thresholds. When entering in, there will be a giant snake shaped corridor with a whirlwind of butterflies along leading people from one space to another. There are several exits along the snake to enhance the circulation as well as allow people enter different hidden areas. People will be immersed in a space full of details, colors, magical lighting, art, and the sculptures. The corridor is also a runway when it is showtime. During nighttime, everything will be lit up with the most advanced technology to allow people experience a fantasy, magical world.

1) Entrance
2) Runway
3) Park of Creations
4) Backstage
5) Makeup Room
6) Restroom
7) Food
8) Exit
​9) Parking Lot
A lightweight structure made of of recycled wires and acrylic plastic would not only adjust the sustainability, but also fulfill the temporary purpose.
The butterfly shaped textile pieces are connected to each other with wireframe and other connecting techniques, including knotting, pinning. The whole design emphasizes on light, air, and sound circulation system.




Since it is a temporary project, everything must be built in a short time. This is quite a challenge for my design because it looks very complex and large. However, I believe my project is totally doable and can take as short as a few weeks to a month. The structure of the snake can be made by lightweight wireframes of recycled wires and cables which are not only cost-effective, but also help to lessen the carbon footprint. Some sculptures can be made with recycled acrylic plastics. Using recycled materials is a fantastic solution to the plastic pollution issue as it reduces the need for raw materials by skipping the energy-intensive oil extraction process and reducing emissions. 

Furthermore, by taking into consideration the fact that the textile industry is a huge threat to the environment, I believe that 3D printing fabric is an awesome material for the design as not only it amplifies the curvilinear structure, but also adjusts the environmental issue. I want to take advantage of the most advanced technology to have 3D printing fabric which is very effective as they can create a flexible, yet strong structure and the surface is as soft as skin. 3D printing fabric enables the design of organic abstract shapes and sizes which are totally amazing for my project. 

However, the only concern about 3D printing fabric is its cost. Therefore, another alternative being considered is organic/recycled cotton which is grown without pesticides and synthetic fertilizers and processed with no chemicals. Thetransparency of organic cotton fabric helps illuminate the space during daytime, while during nighttime it is a great surface for light to be projected on. Hence, it is an ideal, sustainable, and ethical material for my project with cost efficiency.

In terms of universal design, I want to embrace inclusion as my design allows access to all people, from young to old, from able to disable. There are no stairs or steps so people can move freely and easily throughout the space. Moreover, there are several cut-outs from the "giant snake" structure that create several hidden spots and enable people to circulate through the space conveniently. 

In addition to the spacious space, the floor will remain as concrete with the slip-resistant treatment to ensure safety in terms of circulation. From the two sides of the corridor, there will be benches that allow people to sit and watch the show. They also prevent people from slipping and tripping hazards. 

Finally, I take this pandemic as an opportunity to work the best out of the virtual and hybrid platform by the advanced technology. The textile surface of the structure will project faces of people who sit from home watching the shows. This will not only solve the capacity issue, but also enable more people to access the show from around the world. A hybrid environment will promote the accessibility of the show to a broader range of audiences.