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the Botanical

​​This project is about creating a space based on the study of a specific ritual movement. In this project, I have picked photography as my ritual. 


Photography as my ritual


This is the process when I trace over the layered photoshop image to create some drawings that show four elements from my ritual.

​Everything is really abstract based on the points, linear, and curvilinear shapes of my movement.

2d drawing

From then, I have developed into a 2D drawing which is based on four elements of my ritual, including: 1) Vessel; 2) Gesture; 3) Joint; 4) Sound.

Screen Shot 2020-05-02 at 10.00.30


The “PALAISE BULLES”,Cannes where Dior Fall 16 taken place and James Turrell Skyspace are two architectures that really inspire my design.




Finally, I have created a space that aims for the contemporary, minimal, and IT factors.

Since it is programed for photography, the ability to enable light is very important to the exterior and interior of the design.

Skylights are a prominent feature of this design as they allow light to travel the space based on the direction of the sun during the day.