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Alexander the design


The idea of being immersed in an endless surreal magical space and the ALEXANDER MCQUEEN’S 2010 collection of alien creatures are inspirations for the design of this project.

  I, with the background in photography and art, aim to designing a space that is conceptual and artistic. Curvilinear, bizarre sculptural shapes, and colorful projected lighting, all together, give a new identity to a fashion show. A space that is full of magic that makes the audiences not only enjoy the collection, but also involved in the surrounding.



​spring 10

In 2010, the Fashion World was amazed by the Spring/Summer collection of Bill which was inspired by all of the magnificent creatures on Earth, such as butterflies, snakes, and even the mythical, Aliens. 

​This collection has also been a prominent inspiration for my design.


Nature has always been an eternal source of inspirations for many artists. Not only we appreciate it beauty, but the amazing phenomenons it creates in terms of visual effect...
​For my design, an ice cave is the main inspiration as I am fascinated by the miracle effect of lighting as well as the dramatic texture of its surface.


It's the most fun part of a designer's job. Coming up with a clear and solid mood-board not only enables me to progress my design quicker, but also allows the client to visualize the ideas and space easier.


As final product, I have come up with a site plan with specific label for each room and their function in the entire space. I have changed completely the original space, that said, have given a new identity for the space itself. I want to bring the intimacy and connection between the performance and the audience. The separation is then very ambiguous. The audience and performers are like entering into a different World.

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