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 Tenderloin - San Francisco is considered as an "abandoned child" of the city as there are many facilities left undeveloped and the unpolished environment as compared to other neighborhoods surrounding it. However, it is a home for a lot of immigrants from Southeast Asia. As a Vietnamese immigrant, I especially aspire to bring a positive change to my own community as there is a void to be filled in with development and creativity. For this project, I intend to design a community space - "The Youth Center" for my Southeast Asian community which will transform and uplift thousands of Southeast Asian youth and families living in San Francisco with critical services including: jobs opportunities, academic support, language services, and cultural-social guidance. Moreover, the space will embrace our own cultural heritages with decorative elements and design, and inspiring for creativity development.



​initial sketches


Screen Shot 2021-05-06 at 9.06.45 AM.png


​The space is designed for providing academic support and creative enrichment. There will be instructors who provide academic service for children in the lower grades, such as tutoring. For high school students, there will be counselors that help to develop their personal and academic goals to better their education and post-graduation. There will be a small library area in the lobby area which can transform into a performing stage for musical activities. There are also meditating space, computer lab, art gallery, and small cinema. The space will enable children to discover and enhance their own creative potentials through activities and competitions.

Screen Shot 2021-05-06 at 9.00.45 AM.png


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